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Words Are My Medium Video is the most powerful communications format in the world today. Facebook and YouTube drive over forty percent of all Internet traffic. Much of that traffic is video and that’s because Google owns YouTube.  Google transcribes much of the video that is posted to YouTube and has incorporated those transcripts into its SEO algorithm. So while putting a video up on...

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What yesterdays’ business news tells us about tomorrow. This was a crazy week in business. Not that every week isn’t crazy but this week the big companies made some damn important announcements. Basically, Apple grew up, Microsoft got old, Google got surprised, Time Warner became a bulls-eye and Forbes went foreign. Here’s a quick look not only at what happened but what I think these...

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When you write for the Web there’s English and there’s Googlish Google the term “Googlish” and you’ll find more than a few different definitions from several different sources. The Urban Dictionary, our usual go-to source defines it as,”…the quality of being similar to Google. “ This definition was surprisingly tame and a little disappointing so we dug further.  Most of the others definition sites described...

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