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What yesterdays’ business news tells us about tomorrow. This was a crazy week in business. Not that every week isn’t crazy but this week the big companies made some damn important announcements. Basically, Apple grew up, Microsoft got old, Google got surprised, Time Warner became a bulls-eye and Forbes went foreign. Here’s a quick look not only at what happened but what I think these...

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Klinsmann or Brooks? Entertainment / Popped Culture / Sports

US World Cup and Olympic Team coaches on opposite ends of the motivational spectrum. It’s the classic coaching conundrum that plays out around the world from soccer fields in Brazil to blacktop basketball courts in Brooklyn. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a group of Little Leaguers gathered in a dusty dugout in Dallas or the New Your Rangers bunched together in front of their...

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NFL Draft.  Much Ado About Nothing? Popped Culture / Real Life / Sports

It’s a long way from Radio City Music Hall to the End Zone. One of my earlier posts was titled “If You Build It They Will Come.  Not.”  It described a guy who had invested a lot of time and money into a real recording studio but whose business had fallen off.  He wanted to know what we could do to pump it up and...

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