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The Pillars of Trump’s New Government

Governments come in different types. The list is long and varied and it includes: monarchy, confederacy, oligarchy, theocracy, plutocracy, kleptocracy and meritocracy. Governments range from the legitimate and benevolent to the illegitimate and evil. Some strive to be open and transparent while others closed and duplicitous. Some give a voice to everyone while others give a voice to only one and are meant only to manipulate the masses.  And almost without exception, there is big difference between a government in theory and in practice.  After all, is a democracy a democracy when only sixty-percent of the population votes?  Maybe it’s time for a Trumpocracy.

What is a Trumpocracy?

The Trumpocracy is obviously named after our brand new president.  And while it is still early, it appears that the Trumpocracy is already exhibiting signs of other forms of government: the theoretical and the practical differ greatly. Mr. Trump no doubt has a different impression of what he’s doing than some (many) of the governed.  The word Great, as in Make America Great Again, means different things to different people. The perceptional difference may be by design; it’s hard to tell if what he’s doing he’s doing on purpose or by accident. Either way, there are some clear characteristics of his new form of government; fourteen of them to be exact. So, to prepare people for the next four years here are the founding principles upon which this new form of government is created:

1) Ratings Trump Representation – It is more important for people to watch what the government does than support what the government does. It’s all about ratings.  #apprenticeratingsfeud

2) Exclusion Trumps Inclusion – The harder it is for people to join the club the more people want to join it. A person’s desire to participate is indirectly proportionate to their ability to participate. Think Mar-A-Lago. #thecountryclubeffect

3) Me Trumps We – It is important to do everything possible to make yourself feel great. In a Trumpocracy it’s every man for himself. #itsallaboutme

4) Reality TV is the New Reality. – In an alternative fact world it’s not what is, it’s what we say it is. All truth is relative, just ask Mark Burnett. #alternativefact

5) Walls Trump Doors – It’s about keeping people out, not inviting them in. #BuildaWall.

6) Egotism Trumps Altruism – By helping oneself Bigtime, you might actually help someone else…someday…maybe . #trumpocracy

7) Big Business Trumps Big Government – Big Government is inefficient, sympathetic and ineffective. Always go with Big Business. #billionairecabinet

8) Consent Trumps Dissent – Free speech is encouraged as long as it echoes the Trumpocratic principles and beliefs. #Fakenews.

9) Demagoguery Trumps Democracy – One great person running the government is much more effective than many mediocre people running the government. “Only I can do it.” #trumpocracy

10) Every Action Is Trumped By An Opposite and Greater Reaction – Any effort to oppose the government must be met with an overwhelming counterforce. #apprenticeratingswar

11) Dictating Trumps Negotiating – Tell Don’t Ask. “You think it’s funny, you wanna fight, then say hello to my lit-tle pen!” #scarfacestrategy

12) Big E-G-O Trumps a Measurable R-O-I – It’s more important to win a fight than it is to work to create effective policy. #weaknesssucks.

13) Mergers & Acquisitions Trump Diplomacy – That International diplomacy thing is way too complex and messy. Why don’t all of us big guys just do a group hug then split all this little stuff up? #trumputin

14) Today trumps tomorrow – Today matters; tomorrow is over-rated. Climate change?  Meh.  We’ll let the kids figure that out. #chinesehoax

Will A Trumpocracy Work?

It remains to be seen whether a government of the people, by the people and for the people can be run like WalMart.  People are still watching this sideshow with baited breath and wondering if we’re all headed around the bend and off a cliff or to some unimaginable new destination.  The fact that a big government built on a 250 year-old document doesn’t always hum along isn’t surprising.  Shit happens and things change.  Can it be “fixed” by some real-estate mogul from New York by applying a few lessons he learned at Wharton mixed with a little street swagger?  Stand by, we’re going to find out.

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