Donald Trump launches the new Parker Brothers board game, Trump the Game, during a news conference at Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday, Aug.18, 2004. The object of the game, from Hasbro, is to live like Trump and make the most money by acquiring Trump Cards that are used to strike deals and buy big-ticket items, such as resorts and office buildings. (AP Photo/Newscast, Jim Sulley) Change / News / Politics / Real Life

Can The New President Service What He Sold?

It’s Monday morning and like many of us, our 45th President is at work.  You can march, break windows, start fires and topple all the cars you want but that fact will not change.  Even the marches, while impressive and important  won’t compel the man to alter behavior that defies the laws of physics.  In his world, every action is met with and opposite and greater reaction.  No matter what you do, Donald J. Trump is in the Oval Office and has assumed the role of “the  most powerful person in the world”.  I get that it scares the shit out of a lot of you.  But it’s time you get over it.  Even if you don’t believe in the product he’s selling you have to let that go, he’s in. Because one of the by-products of our incredible democracy is that people with different beliefs have the right to hold, promote and make those beliefs into law if given the opportunity.  We gave him that opportunity.  Now, we’ve got more important things to do.  We have to hold him to his promises; to make sure he delivers the goods he sold us all.

We Bought What Trump Was Selling

We all just bought what Donald Trump was selling.  For for years.  OK, some of us bought them and others were unwitting co-signers on the not.  But either way, we’re all on the hook.  For four years.  But now that he signed us all on the dotted line he’s got to produce.  He has to deliver the goods and make good on the promises he made us all.  And the list is as long as it is ambitious; it includes:

  • Draining the swamp – Politicians and lobbyists be gone.
  • More jobs – What kind?
  • Replace and improve the ACA – Abolishing Obama Care is easy, creating something “better”? Impress us.
  • More jobs – For who?
  • Increased security – Real security, in our homes, our borders and across the Internet is going to take more than just a wall.
  • More jobs – From where?
  • Safer neighborhoods – For all neighborhoods?  Great idea.
  • More jobs – When?
  • Better schools – Aim high.  Have at it.
  • More jobs – How?
  • …oh, and more jobs.
  • Make America Great Again – Is your great, my great or our great?

Service After The Sale

When Donald Trump sits down in that chair today, surrounded by family, supported by his pick of the best and brightest and buttressed by a Republican majority, stuff should start happening.  America’s new CEO should start manufacturing the product he’s been marketing for the last eighteen months.  It’s time for him to move forward towards the future he’s promised.  To focus on creating the tomorrow he’s described over and over and over.  He’s a businessperson, he gets how this works.  Businesses are built on plans, defined in their execution and measured by results.  It’s all about the promise versus the performance.  And it’s time for the rest of us, to hold him to that promise.  We’re out of the showroom and on the road, this sucker better run.



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