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If Not, How Will We Know?

After only 26 days it appears that people are tired of this new President.  Donald Trump’s supporters are tired of defending him and don’t understand the people who don’t want to live in the country he’s promised.  His detractors can’t believe that this country was somehow turned over to him.  I get it.  Facebook is overrun with vitriol and Twitter is trying to get people to focus on anything but Trump.  We’ve Unfollowed, Unfriended and stopped calling or texting anyone with the gall to express an opinion that we don’t share.  And we still can’t turn off the Trump thrum. Days are like 70’s pop tunes; when you heard “Seasons in the Sun” you didn’t think it could get any worse – until they played “Billy Don’t Be A Hero.”  Ugh.   These days it feels like they’re playing Morris Albert’s “Feelings” over and over and over.  Make it stop.

Four Questions

So I’m not paying attention anymore.  I can’t stand to watch; it makes me crazy.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested.  In fact, I’m more interested than ever.  But my interest has narrowed, down to four questions that keep cycling through my head.  Four questions that I need some help with:

  1. How will we know when Trump has gone too far?
  2. Who will be able to stop Trump?
  3. How will that happen?
  4. Will the damage Trump’s done be permanent?

If anyone has any insight into these four questions, can you let me know?  I’m going back to Sports Center.  Wake me when it’s over.

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