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It Was Much Bigger Than The Firing of An FBI Director

President Trump fired James Comey his FBI Director last night. He did it because his new Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein wrote a note that said Comey had botched the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The same investigation that the President applauded and that likely led to Trump’s victory.  President Trump then wrote a termination letter to Comey that said the decision was about a need to “restore public trust and confidence” in the agency. Pundits on the talk shows railed about the President’s lack of cause and the poor timing.

Firing James Comey was about all of these things, to be sure. But this morning, after last night’s spontaneous reaction and intense speculation, it turns out that this is about things that are much bigger and more ominous than just the firing of James Comey.  When the President terminates the FBI Director running the investigation of the President, it a big deal.  This is more than Nixonian, it’s despotic.   But last night was about even more than that.

Last Night Was About

  • A sitting President who we elected based on his promise of making great change who is now attempting to change the fundamentals of our Constitution; changes that threaten the Democracy that it supports. This President clearly has no regard for the principles or the ideals that have made this country great.
  • Learning the real meaning of “Make America Great Again” – We now understand that Donald Trump’s definition of a”Great America” is one that serves the needs of Donald Trump. And on the flip side, it is also one in which he can arbitrarily vanquish anyone who threatens him. In the end this is not a “By the people for the people,” president, this is an “It’s all about me” president.
  • Discovering that the GOP can no longer trust or control Donald Trump – Not that it ever could but the party that spawned him can no longer manage him. Trump is like Frankenstein, aimlessly wandering the capital desperate for a friend but crushing anyone foolish enough to get close.
  • Discovering that our own President is far more dangerous than Putin – All this talk about Russia is disconcerting to be sure. But we’re missing the point. If Trump and his minions reached out to Russia it was to enrich Trump. Russia is a McGuffin, Trump is the key.
  • The Next Appointment – The Republican response last night was “just wait”. If Trump appoints a person of great integrity who continues the investigation, then all of this concern over Comey’s firing will have been frivolous.  OK, I’ll bite. Let’s wait and see. But what are you going to do if he appoints someone who doesn’t meet those lofty (and subjective) standards? What if he appoints Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie or someone of their ilk?  Then what?

It’s Time to Check Back In

Ding, ding, ding. For those of you who have been too busy or turned off by the partisanship, the vitriol or the sheer nonsense of this election and this President, it’s time to check back in. The stuff going on in Washington D.C. is real and the ramifications are significant. It doesn’t matter what team you’re on or who you voted for, this is bigger than that. And unless you want to wake up someday very soon and wonder what happened to the country you loved – now is the time.

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