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Words Are My Medium

Video is the most powerful communications format in the world today. Facebook and YouTube drive over forty percent of all Internet traffic. Much of that traffic is video and that’s because Google owns YouTube.  Google transcribes much of the video that is posted to YouTube and has incorporated those transcripts into its SEO algorithm. So while putting a video up on YouTube to increase SEO is a good idea, embedding your keywords in your script is even a better idea. And video will only get more powerful as everyone learns to shoot and edit their own content. It is truly the age of video.  All of which means that wordsmiths are pretty much living on borrowed time.

I am a word guy; mostly because words are things that I am comfortable with. And this is in spite of the fact that I spend my days convincing my clients to put their thoughts, promotions, campaigns and messages into video.  Because video works; and words?  Not so much.  Maybe it’s because words take more energy to consume than video.  Or maybe it’s because writing well is hard and few do it well.  Or maybe it’s just simply because most writers use more words than they need.  In spite of all that, I still prefer communicating by word and that’s mostly because I just don’t translate to video very well at all.  As much as I like video, video doesn’t like me. But I’m okay with that, there’s a lot of comfort in that kind of clarity. That kind of clarity tells me where I belong and I intend to stay there.

My Brad Michaelson site has always been a place where I opine about things that I find interesting, clever, funny, maddening, infuriating or just plain insane. Given the fact that I have over 1,700 Facebook Friends but only seventeen Followers, I’m really howling at the moon.  But that doesn’t matter because I do it more for me than anyone else.  I like working with words. And that’s what I will continue to do as efficiently as possible. I’ll continue to work in the medium I enjoy while encouraging others to work in the medium that most people consume. Yes, there’s a disparity but maybe, if I keep it short and relevant I can change the perception just a bit and reclaim some ground for those of us who prefer to just write.

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