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It’s About What Matters.

After nearly sixty years on this rock I think I’ve finally got this part figured out.  It didn’t happen fast.  I waited to get married and have a family.  I waited a long damn time.  Now, while most of my friends are cooing about their grand kids, I’m trying to get my own kid through seventh grade.  And I’m so fucking stoked by this adventure I can’t describe it.  There’s nothing more extraordinary than seeing the world through the eyes of a child – especially at this point of my life.  It puts everything in perspective.  Now, I live my life in a way that will hopefully create a better life for her.  That’s what I do every day.  And because of that, what matters to me has become very clear.

Change, Causes, Communication, Cardio and Creativity

Change – The world is going to change more in the next five years than it has in the last fifty and it will continue at that pace for as long as I’m alive.  Change is relentless, grand and terrifying; but most of all change is amazing.  We have two basic choices regarding change: embrace it or avoid it.  I opt for the first – for those of you opting for the second I wish you all the best.

Causes – I wasn’t aware of it when I started my agency but I subconsciously leaned toward cause-marketing.  Today, the issues that I’ve tackled on behalf of state agencies, private industry, non-profit organizations and individuals are still passions of mine. These are things that are most important to me:

  • Children – With Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) it was underage consumption, with Maricopa County I worked on Child Exploitation and Prostitution education video called Bait & Switch – The Terror and Tragedy of Child Prostitution.  Children are much too important to be ignored or abused – ever.  They are to be cherished.  Which we do on our YouTritional site.
  • Concussions – I love sports. I’ve played them all my life and I think they teach invaluable life lessons. But the speed and fury at which today’s games are played threaten to discourage kids from playing. We need to address this, to be safety-sensitive while preserving the integrity of sports.  So I started Play for the Gray. These are celebrity events that raise money for concussion awareness, prevention and treatment. We also produced a safety video for ATV and OHV enthusiasts called One Short Ride.
  • Education – This is the foundation on which the future is built. We need to do something more and something different.  We work with

Communication – This is what I do every day.  It’s my business as well as a life-long pursuit and well as a never-ending puzzle.  All the marketing and advertising terms that percolate through any episode of Mad Men are just euphemisms and placeholders for communication.  It’s what we all do across the Internet and through our ever-expanding array of tech gadgets.  It’s getting harder and harder to do well but if we’ve any hope of building a better world we’re going to have to all do it better.  I’m in it for that.

Cardio – From the Greek word Kardia meaning of or pertaining to the heart.  Yes, health is important to me because if I plan to do all of the above I’ll need the mental and physical faculties to function.  But more than that, I am completely mesmerized by people who are passionate and committed to something.  Anything.  What’s inside someone’s heart, what drives and motivates them is what separates the real people from everyone.  I want to be one of them; I want to be surrounded by them.

Creativity – The stream of information and entertainment that comes at us is overwhelming. And some of it is so incredibly creative and compelling that it’s easy to succumb and just consume it all. But I believe that we all need to try and create more than we consume.  So I dabble and experiment with creating content of our own.  Some of it makes me smile, some makes me cringe. But in the end it’s only through the effort to create and be creative that any of us get better.  Some of our current efforts include Wanna Bet, Maricopa State University, Facebooked Today and ScottsdaleArrivals.com I am a work-in-progress.  This site, imperfect and at times ridiculous is a reflection of the unfinished me.  My mind races, it chases, it reacts and then over-reacts.  And it often does that on the 2 – 3 hour bike rides that I take.  I’m at my most clever and ridiculous when I’m pedaling through the desert.  And most of what lives on this site originates there.

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