Who Is Brad Michaelson?

I am a Work-In-Progress.

Even at this stage of my life I have much to learn.  Fifty plus years already in the books and I’m still amazed by how much I don’t know.  And that’s what makes this so much fun. Born and raised in the Midwest, I possess all of the personality assets and liabilities that are embedded in a kid from Minnesota.  I could give you the history but Garrison Keillor does it so much better that I suggest that if you want to know more about the early me, you read “Lake Wobegone Days.”  It is spot-on.

Yesterday and Today

I went to Arizona State University in the late seventies and graduated with a Political Science degree in 1980.  After that I went to Los Angeles.  During the eighties and nineties I moved in and around the LA basin; from Manhattan Beach to the San Fernando Valley then back over the hill to Venice before finally settling in Redondo Beach where I lived for nearly a decade.  Then my brother and I started a business and I tried to go home again; that was not my best idea.  So I moved to Chicago and lived downtown for a couple of years before coming back to the desert.  Today, I live in Scottsdale.


It’s been an excellent journey so far; one that I could not cover in a page or even several.  I’ve met some great people, been in some cool places and done some fantastic things.  But at this point, that’s not important because I’m looking forward.  I’ve got more I want to do, even at my age – especially at my age.   This book’s not nearly closed.  And I plan on doing whatever this is during one of the most dynamic, frightening and exciting times in my life.  The fact that I’m not twenty anymore makes doing anything these days pretty tricky – and also pretty fantastic. As I said, I’ve done a ton of shit in my life and all of it is relevant – but none of it is important now.  What I’ve done doesn’t matter.  What I plan to do is; and what I actually do is most important of all. That’s what Brad Michaelson is about. Partially Informed and totally opinionated blog

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